CAMA's Board of Directors holds its first regular meeting for the year 2020



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This morning ,CAMA 's Board of Directors  held its first regular meeting for recent year 2020, headed by Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader - Chairman Board of Directors.

The meeting reviewed a number of topics included in the agenda, the first topic was the final account for the year 2018, as well as a review of report submitted by General Directorate of Strategic Planning and Quality Auditing of CAMA's work plan for 2020 and implementation plan of the phase  plan for the National Vision 2020 .

This meeting also showed report submitted by General Directorate of Construction on obstacles faced by Directorate, as well as the report given by Meteorological Sector on importance of quality training in accordance with requirements of World Meteorology  Organization  (WMO) and also reviewed noting-report for use of employees of CAMA  for Social media provided by CAMA's Publishing and Documentation Directorate.


CAMA's Board of Directors took a number of decisions and recommendations about these issues.

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