CAMA spokesman considers the medical bridge as a bullet of death, not mercy flights


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Spokesman of CAMA , Director General of Air Transport, Dr. Mazen Ghanem, considered the medical bridge organized by the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization(WHO), as a bullet of death not mercy flights .

Ghanem said we were waiting for a series of continuous flights to accomplish the concept of the air bridge, but we were surprised by their offer to transport only 30 patients and therefore it seemed that they only  fired the death bullet instead of their claimed mercy flights for patients.

He added that according to their approved mechanism of transporting 7 patients is in each trip, it means that we need 13 years to transport 32,000 written patients in the Ministry of Health records.

The spokesman of CAMA confirmed that mechanism of transporting at a rate of 7 patients for only 4 trips would only increase suffering of the Yemeni people , noting that 15 to 25 patients die every day due to their inability to travel to receive treatment abroad.


Ghanem appealed the United Nations(UN) and the Security Council to put pressure on the Led- coalition countries to open Sana'a International Airport for all citizens with no conditions, considering that closing of the Airport is against international law.

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