Urgent need to raise health readiness and to take Emergency Safeguard Measures



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Ministry of Transport and CAMA directed the International Airports in the Republic of Yemen for  urgent  need to raise health readiness and to take  Emergency Safeguard Measures  in cooperation with Ministry of Public Health and Population, which would prevent the entry of the Corona Virus (nCoV) into our country, and these following actions are:

1-     Medical Check on  passengers using healthy screening tools that include visual inspection, completing health questionnaires, measuring temperature (using thermal scanners), or any other suitable methods for detecting the virus.

2-     Preparing the appropriate places (quarantine areas), and providing adequate and necessary equipment at the entry points to evaluate  passengers' health conditions .

3-     Organizing of moving infected passengers with safe transfer to hospitals or facilities designated for treatment to evaluate their conditions and treating them clinically.

4-     To put Stricter health procedures on passengers from countries where the virus spreading was officially announced.

5-     Define a specific hospital in the governorates of international airports so that it is equipped to receive suspected cases of the virus.


6-    To commit with circulating instructions and publications on airports issued by World Health Organization (WHO), to prevent spread of the virus, and herewith is an attached copy of these publications.

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