The Prime Minister participates in a ceremony on the occasion of World Civil Aviation Day


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Today , the Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor participated in the ceremony organized by Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation & Met. Authority (CAMA) on the occasion of the International Day of Civil Aviation, which falls on the seventh of December of each year under the title "75 years of connecting the world".

The Prime Minister made a speech on the occasion in which he emphasized that CAMA under its leadership with its administrative and technical staff proved during the aggression that they are better than some of the institutions that have left their responsibilities during this critical period.

He drew attention to the nature of the national structure of this institution, which must be preserved by all and for its staff, which was formed over decades, expressing his thanks to the Minister of Transport Mr. Zakaria Al-Shami,the Ministry’s deputies and officials in the authority who are responsible for organizing this ceremony.

He said, "Thank you, because in these moments, you are facing aggression, standing firmly in your positions, despite what the problems you face, and we appreciate efforts of the Minister of Transport, his defense of his institutions and achievements, and we thank him for his courage and clarity, as he stood firmly with Yemen and with resistance and was at the front lines.

And he mentioned the negative effects resulting from a lack of understanding regarding the institutional process on the activity of the institution and its stability , indicating that the institutions have their laws, regulations and systems and therefore should be preserved and their administrative cohesion through the preservation of the law.

He pointed to the assurances of political leadership on the importance of preserving and upholding the topic of law and constitution, and necessity for everyone to stick to that.

The Prime Minister stated that the long history of (CAMA) and its longstanding traditions that started since the year 1964, their historical and functional relationship with large international institutions specializing in this sector, must be preserved.

He added, "This institution has administrative, legal and procedural traditions that all authorities should respect and appreciate the administrative and technical staff, which was formed by great efforts from CAMA  and also from the leadership of the Ministry of Transport

He said, "For nearly five years, we have been in aggression and siege. His first task was to target and close airports, specifically Sana'a and Al- Hodeidah Airports, as well as to destroy Taiz Airport while controlling airports in the occupied governorates, subject them completely to his authority, and even turned some of them into prisons.

He finished  his speech by congratulating everyone on this occasion, hoping that the next occasion will come on December 7, 2020 , while the country has been liberated, Sana'a airport and the rest of the airports have been reopened, and peace has arrived throughout Yemen . He said, the coalition has nothing but peace . In front of the aggression coalition, there is no way out but to sit at the dialogue table with the real capital Sana'a not with virtual capitals.

In the ceremony attended by the planning minister Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Kameem , the Culture minister Mr. Abdullah Al-Kabsi , the state minister Mr. Ahmed Al-Qana , the Ambassador Abdallah El-Hajar and the Deputy Ministry of Transport of Aviation Sector Mr. Abdullah Al-Ansi. The  Minister of Transport Mr. Zakaria Al-Shami indicated that the delay of Yemen’s celebration of World Civil Aviation Day was a message of protest against the International Aviation Organization and the international community for the defective silence towards The aggression that is taking place in Yemen's airports and vital facilities, in violation of international laws and covenants, and the aggression, siege and systematic killing of Yemeni people by the Saudi- led coalition.


He stressed that the aggression, from the first sight, deliberately bombed Sana'a Int'l  Airport and other Airports to get it out of readiness, including the equipment and navigational devices for air traffic that provide services to International Civil Aviation.

He explained that determination of the leadership and employees of CAMA, had failed the plans of aggression by improving the performance of CAMA and by passing the difficult lines imposed by the aggression and they were able to restore air navigation services and secure the airspace for International Civil Aviation.

The Shami  Minister pointed out to the importance of Civil Aviation and its role in serving the International Community and CAMA  in particular, as it operated  through its air region during the years (2017 - 2018-2019) approximately  56 thousand international flights under  the shadow  of the aggression and the blockade.

And , He appreciated  efforts of the President of the Supreme Political Council and the Prime Minister in providing facilities for CAMA to improve its work and provide its international navigational services in the field of civil aviation.

The Deputy Chairman Mr. Raid Talib Jabal, affirmed that Yemen is one of the first Arab Countries to sign the Chicago Convention on April 17, 1964.

He pointed out that, under this signature , CAMA had committed itself to the International Community and ICAO to apply the standards , rules  and recommendations issued by ICAO.

And he mentioned that  CAMA is different than other governmental authorities , as it is subject to laws, standards and international requirements that go beyond local laws. If CAMA failed to provide its services or violated air navigation security and safety , there would be many penalties on CAMA resulting from this failure.

Mr. Jabal also confirmed that despite the direct targeting of aggression on CAMA's infrastructure since the first day, CAMA  has achieved many achievements, most notably providing  international obligations on Yemen towards the aviation community and ICAO , protecting the airspace of Republic of Yemen and maintaining air traffic safety and making it safe, effective and reliable for all airlines using  the Yemeni Airspace.

He said, "Our celebration today is a confirmation of leadership determination of CAMA and Ministry of Transport  on continuing efforts which enable CAMA to perform their tasks , services and developing them at all levels." Indicating that if there is any weakness or inability to keep up with updates and plans of  ICAO, the Saudi-Led Coalition is responsible for that who targeted to destroy CAMA  and make it out of service.

He appreciated the role of leadership of CAMA and Ministry of Transport to facilitate CAMA's missions and preserve its international entity reflected in providing Yemen Air Space's Services for International Civil Aviation.

In this ceremony attended by Assistance Deputies and General Managers of CAMA, there were two shows ,the first one was about introduction and explanation of ICAO and the role of Civil Aviation in the world ,the second show was about CAMA and its achievements .

At the end of this occasion ,the Minister of Transport and Deputy Chairman of CAMA granted  the prime minister with Armor of CAMA to show their appreciation for his cooperation and support to CAMA. 

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