Discussing the Mechanism of Developing and Updating Sana'a International Airport in the Next Stage


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    A meeting held today at Sana'a International Airport, chaired by Chairman of CAMA - Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader, discussed the mechanism of developing and updating the airport's work in the next stage in line with the recent developments in the field of civil aviation. The meeting, which was attended by the CAMA Deputy Chairman- Raed Jabal and the Deputy Chairman Assistant for the Airport Sector- Yahya Al-Kohlani, reviewed the technical and professional aspects which are applicable at the airport and the mechanism of their development and update according to the requirements of ICAO. At the meeting, the Chairman ensured the interest to upgrade the level of air navigation services to prove to the world and the international community the readiness of the airport, which the Aggressive Coalition seeks to thwart in various ways and means. He explained that CAMA and all its sectors are committed to the terms, regulations and standards of ICAO. He indicated that CAMA has worked since the start of the targeting of the airport to maintain its operation and its services continuously and maintain its high readiness through highly qualified technical and professional cadres with distinct experience in the field of civil aviation. He said that the Aggressive Coalition prevents the access of modern and technical equipment to the country in order to paralyze the civil aviation in Yemen in general and in Sana'a International Airport in particular. On his part, the Director General of Sana'a International Airport  -Khaled Al-Shayef said that the airport has overcome the difficulties and challenges imposed by the Aggressive Coalition by targeting vital installations at the airport, including technical aspects that are considered a link for domestic and international civil aviation. He praised the level of support provided by the MOT and CAMA at various technical and professional levels to maintain the continuity of the work of the airport in light of the difficult circumstances of the country as a result of the aggression , siege and the closure of Sana'a airport. The Director General of the Airport expressed his regret that the United Nations and the World Health Organization had denied the operation of the medical airway for the patients with difficult conditions which was due to be launched today from Sana'a International Airport. He indicated that the patients had a positive hope in the United Nations to save their lives, which are getting worse day by day and the international community did not act to save more than 30 thousand patients with various chronic and incurable diseases.

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