The Chairman Reviews the Readiness of Sana'a International Airport


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      The Chairman of CAMA - Dr. Mohammed Abdulkader and the Deputy Chairman - Raed Jabal reviewed today the progress of work at Sana'a International Airport and its readiness for air navigation. Dr. Abdulkader inspected the navigational aids and services provided to the passengers of the United Nations and international humanitarian organizations operating in Yemen in accordance with the conditions and standards applicable at international airports. He also inspects arrival and departure lounges, the airport apron, the main runway for landing of airplanes and the navigational equipment that have been updated in air control. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of CAMA listened from the Director General of the Airport - Khalid Al-Shayef to a brief on the level of technical and professional readiness of the airport and navigational services provided to UN and international organizations aircraft. During the visit, the Chairman affirmed CAMA's interest in Sana'a International Airport as it is the front gate of Yemen to the world, referring that the aggression deliberately conducted air strikes to take the airport out of readiness and paralyze its movement. He reiterated the confirmation of the readiness of Sana'a International Airport, calling on the UN and the international community to use pressure on the Aggressive Coalition in order to lift the blockage of Sana'a airport. On his part, the Deputy Chairman indicated that Sana'a International Airport is a civil airport provides humanitarian services to most of the Republic of Yemen population. He pointed out that the airport has been developed and updated to provide outstanding services in the field of civil aviation.

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