Education and protection

Instructions for booking airlines tickets

and travel procedures


Dear, travelers and passengers:

Civil Aviation & Meteorology Authority presents its compliments, and we would like to draw your attention that when you book or reserve a ticket you should make sure of the following:

First: book or reserve tickets:

Ensure that the terms of ticket ,expired, extendable, renewal and refunds.

Ensure that if there is any fines in the case of refunds , changes , cancel the booking ticket or cancellation of travel.

Ensure time attendance to the airport.

Ensure luggage weight limited for passengers.


Second: Travel procedures:

Do not put valuables in the luggage, otherwise, you could fill DG in the airport.

In case of lasting of the any luggage please go immediately to report at the airport.

In case of facing any problems at Yemeni airports please go to the facilities office in arrival or departure halls.

To contact us or complaints by following numbers during office hours:

+967 1 482485 

  +967 777600032  /   777600430



+967 1 274126


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