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All Praise be to Allah,and peace be upon the most noble of messengers Muhammad bin Abdullah. At the beginning, I am pleased to participate this brief word for the website of the Directorate General of Air Transport

hoping that it will be the main portal through which the consumers of the services of the CAMA, in all categories such as organizations, companies, individuals and the public,  cansee the quality of services provided and the procedures for providing these services and also the nature of the Civil aviation and meteorology activities in general. We will work hard and with Allah's help to continue the improvement and development of the civil aviation and meteorological facilities by implementing vital projects aiming at developing and modernizing air navigation and aviation systems, as well as projects to convert the CAMA's manual systems into automated systems in order to keep pace with the latest updates in this field, leading to quantum leap, through comprehensive development In all the activities of civil aviation and meteorology. Finally, I would like to thank the website team who have been upgrading it regularly to its final form today which is appropriately honorable for the CAMA. And I emphasize the role of all those concerned in the airports and civil aviation sectors to contribute the updates of their activities for promoting the website.


Mohammed Abdul Rahman Abdul Qader

Chairman, Civil Aviation & Met. Authority


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