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The importance of the Directorate General of Air Transport is highlighted in the activities and duties related to it , so it is directly linked to CAMA chairman office. It interprets Yemen civil aviation and air transport policy and is responsible for regulating , legislating and supervising all the activities of air transport. 


One of the most important duties is setting up the general policy, rules, regulations of air transport market, and granting the rights and freedoms of air transport by conducting bilateral agreements and memorandums of understanding to operate scheduled and nonscheduled commercial international flights. In addition to ensuring the application of "Facilitation – Annex9" standards for smooth and easy flow of planes , passengers and cargo , and the coordination between different competent authorities at the airport.

The Directorate General of Air Transport also issues overflying permits for airlines request to overfly Sana'a FIR , and it works for promotion of airports and airspace of the Republic of Yemen for the development and supplement of CAMA revenues. It Provides all studies and statistics of air transport market in order to facilitate the feasibility study of operating flights to/from Yemen. Recently the Directorate General of Air Transport prepared Consumer Protection Regulation to protect and safeguard the consumers of air transport services.


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